Our products

We create, develop and manufacture cosmetics under our brands on Polish and Eastern Europe markets providing also OEM services all over the world.

According to your needs we are able to:

  • Create complete product line or a single product for you from A to Z (formulation, colour line, packaging and promotional material) based on your specification / need / requirement
  • Offer a solution for developing your existing product / brand
  • Supply you with parts or components of your products / brands (e.g. manufacture products for you and deliver it in bulk)

We offer:

  • Lip care products (protective lipsticks, lip balm)
  • Body and face depilatory wax strips on non woven material
  • Depilatory creams (fast acting, for sensitive areas, detaining hair growth after depilation)
  • Hand and foot care cosmetics
  • Mascaras, lip glosses, foundations, nail enamels