How we work?

Our offer is distinguished by:

  • Wide variety of portfolio

    Present in so many cosmetic segments we can offer in each of them an interesting selection of products.
  • Creative product concept and design

    Being well acquainted with global trends our Marketing Dept constantly implies them to our product portfolio. We launch several products each year and many of them are unique on European scale.
  • Innovative formulas

    With our R&D team of professionals with years of experience in creating cosmetic formulas we constantly work on new innovative solutions to offer them to customers.
  • Excellent performance-to-price ratio

    Acting on a very price-competitive Polish market we always keep price as one of most important parameters of products.


Process of production



 Ideas / concepts

From product ideas to shipment of finished products, everything comes from one place. This enables us to have pinpoint control of every phase of our business from product formulation and testing to manufacturing and marketing.




 Production facilities

Our premises with an area of over 2 000 m2 bring the highest quality of manufacturing. All production processes are led in accordance to GMP ISO 22716:2007 rules and IFS HPC system – highest European standards confirmed by one of leading European certifying companies: TUV SUD.




Many years of experience

With Leading production of cosmetics since many years we have high production capacity and automatization capabilities, experienced staff, we possess an optimal machine park, cooperate with best suppliers of raw materials and use a global supplier market of packaging and components.




Highest quality

First-class quality ensured by the professional Quality Control Department, well equipped R&D laboratories with innovative technologists, top quality management system, powerful order planning and management guarantee the recognised best-in-class service levels and proven operational excellence.

All our products fulfil requirements of Regulation (EC) 1223/2009 of the European Parliament and of the Council on cosmetic products and can be legally launched in all UE countries.


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