Hand & Feet Care Products

Coloris provides quality nail, hand and feet products and efficient customer service.

Many women complain of brittle and weak nails that lead to breakage, splitting and peeling. Coloris specializes in products that strengthen the nails while providing nourishing moisture. Our nail products were developed in order to help everyone achieve healthy and balanced nails. Nail repair formulas can transform weak and brittle nails into strong and healthy nails. Rough and peeling cuticles can also benefit from nourishing and hydrating formulas that are good for the entire hand.


Our proffessional products

Strenght & Mega Shine:
Maximum Diamond Hard, Strong Nails 60 sec Nail Fortyfing, Mega Shine Base& Top Coat 3 in 1Smoothing nail conditioner with teflon, Maximum Calcium Strenght.


Nail rescue: Conditioner for spliting nails, Nail Growth Booster with methionin, Moisturising Conditioner with Alga Oil.

Special treatment: Whitening nail serum, Strong and Healthy Nails

Nourishing and care: Argan Oil Growth Activator , Cuticule softening gel , Anti-fungal conditioning oil, for nails and cuticles.

Salon Manicure Nail Polish

Nail polish with beautiful shine, exceptionally long-lasting.

Unique components (no formaldehyde) and special resin composition let to achieve an enamel harder and more resistant to abrasion than traditional enamel. Doesn’t chip off and protects nails from cracking.

Exceptionally quickly dries in an even, smooth coat on the nail plate.

Wide variety of colours from light beige to deep red.
Range of 20 standard and 10 hot season colours.
Both neutral and vibrant choices abound every season.

Standard and season colors

Cardboard box - 120 units.
4 blisters ( 30 units each)
On every blister complementary
colours( 10 colours x 3 units)

Season colors
Cardboard box - 60 units.
2 blisters (30 units each)
On every blister complementary colours
(10 colours x 3 units)

Individual packaging and expositors

Individual carton box

Blister pack

PE tray, 30pcs.

Nail Polish Removers


Whitening Nail Polish Remover
Instantly conceals yellow nails. Helps correct the visible effects of staining and other nail discolorations. Instantly intensifies the white of natural nails, helps protect against yellowing. Vitamin A & Castor Oil enriched. Nourishes cuticles.

Coconut fragrance

Nourishing Nail Polish Remover
The enriched formula with Vitamin A and Alga Oil. Regenerates and nourishes dry and cracked nails. It improves elasticity and moistens nails, minimizing their fragility caused by dry-up. Nourished and healthy looking cuticles.

Flower fragrance

Strenghtening Nail Polish Remover
Enriched with Vitamin A and Argan Oil prevent and treat brittle, dry nails. Softens them by replenishing the skins natural oils. It also acts as a preventative and treatment for dry brittle nails by sealing in moisture. Moisten and healthy looking cuticles.

Raspberry fragrance

Hydrating Nail Polish Remover
Safely and gently removes polish from natural nails.
Hydrating and nourishing formula with Sweet Almond Oil for damaged, weak nails. Gentle, not drying out nail plate, helps to keep them in a perfect condition.Nourishing and hydrating cuticles.

Three different fragrances: Chocolate, Almond, Grapefruit

Individual packaging

PE Bottle with pump

PE Bottle
100 ml

PE Bottle
95 ml

PE Bottle

Hand & Feet Care Products

Serum for dry and rough skin on feet. Provides nourishing, softening, cleansing, and supportive benefits with an anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, and refreshing effect. An ozonated olive oil component soothes irritations. Regular use prevents heels from chapping. Lavender and tea tree oil has pleasant refreshing properties and relaxes fatigued feet. Prevents bad foot odour and fungal skin infections. Noticeably improves the smoothness, softness, and elasticity of the skin. Relieves dry and rough surface skin. Infuses skin with satin-smooth softness. Recommended also for rough knees and elbows.

Regenerating and nourishng foot mask for night treatment
Regenerating skincare foot mask for overnight use recomended to use with cotton socks.
Nurtures dry and rough skin on feet. Intensively nourishes, softens, and cleanses, while ensuring preventive anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal and refreshing effects. Relieves dry and rough epidermis. Infuses skin with satin-smooth softness.

Nourishing Hand & Nail Mask for night treatment
Nourishing hand and nail mask for overnight use recomended to use with cotton gloves.
Concentrated active ingredients (sweet almond oil, collagen, elastin, vitamins A, E, and C) with their strong rejuvenating action noticeably regenerate and deeply nourish the skin, and reduce wrinkles. Restores the suppleness to the skin, eliminates skin laxity symptoms, and noticeably brightens dark spots and discolorations. Intensive treatment to regenerate the hand skin damaged during daily activities.

Hand and Nail Regenerating Cream
Skoncentrowane, aktywne składniki (kolagen z elastyną ,olej ze słodkich migdałów, allantoina, olej rycynowy, witamina C i E) o działaniu silnie odmładzającym wyraźnie regenerują skórę, głęboko odżywiają. Krem przywraca sprężystość skóry, likwiduje oznaki wiotczenia, widocznie rozjaśnia plamy i przebarwienia. Zabezpiecza przed wysuszeniem i szkodliwym działaniem czynników zewnętrznych.

Individual packaging

Individual carton box                      Sachette 5,10 ml

Tube 50, 100 ml