Depilatory products

Coloris offers a wide range of products:
Liposoluble waxes, waxes without resin, hypoalergenic waxes.
With it’s twenty years of experience, assures high quaity thanks to
scrupolous manufacturing processes and usage of highly selected raw

In a range of depilatory products we offer:

Body and face depilatory wax strips on elastic material – sizes, shapes
of wax, colour, scent and active ingredients according to client’s


Depilation creams – fast acting, for sensitive areas, for face and with
hair growth retardant complex.



After depilation emulsions and gels - detaining hair growth, tanning,
nourishing, soothing.



Epilation Waxes

Hypoalergenic wax
Pureness for a perfect epilation 100% resin free and paraben free formula ideal for delicate and sensitive skin. Thanks to the presence of cera flava, palm oil and titanium dioxide, this wax soothes, prevents and combats redness. Makes the tear less agressive towards the skin maintaining its effectivness. Enables a gentle and secure epilation even for delicate and sensitive skin. After epilation it leaves a long-lasting smooth and soft skin. Guaranteed the authenticity of the raw materials and the control of the production.

Synthetic wax
It is ideal for epilation of big surfaces and it is suggested for all skin types. Non-sticky, smooth and delicate allows a tear without irritation. The hydrogenated compounds (synthetic resin) are of the highest quality available in the commerce. They ensure a perfect stability in each period of the year. It is ideal for all ages and seeks to preserve the delicacy of the young skin. It’s excellent for who likes fresh and natural fragrances. The particular consistency makes the wax perfect for all the season and above all for the summer period.

Resin wax
The resin wax gets its formula from an old recipe with a base of selected beeswax and stabilised natural resins. It’s particularly suitable for the dehydrated skins and eliminate the hair at the root and speeds down the re-grow.
This types of wax are suggested for who has short and strong hair. The „honey” type is suitable for the skin less sensitive.

Sizes of wax strips

Al waxes we offer on non-woven material with different sizes

Bikini & face strips regular

Bikini & face strips


Body strips


Standard set

Individual carton box

Hair removing cream

Soft hair remover cream
Soothing, moisturising conditioning.
With collagen, elastin and allantoin. Specially formulated to remove
unwanted hair from sensitive areas like: underarms and bikini area.

It’s easy to use and works in just 5-8 minutes!
With delicate flower scent.




Depilatory cream for face
Hair remover cream effectively removes unwanted hair from face. This
special formula contains Aloe Vera extract, panthenol and allantoin to
leave skin silky smooth and invitingly touchable. Amenity:
- Painless - gentle cream dissolves hair away
- Fast - works in just 3 - 5 minutes
- Smooth Skin - dissolves hair below skin's surface does not leave any
stubble or shadow
- Soft Skin - aloe vera, panthenol and allantoin condition skin


Express Depilatory Cream 3 min
Rejuvenating and exfoliating skin. With Aloe Vera, allantoin, panthenol.
Gentle and effective cream works in just 3-5 minutes, completely remove unwanted hair, ensures long-lasting effect of smoothness.
Contains aloe vera extract, allantoin and d-panthenol to relieve post hair
removal irritation, and to leave skin silky smooth.

Individual packaging:
Tube 50, 100, 150, 200ml
Carton box

Post depilatory cosmetics

Lagodzacy balsamCalming Balm with hair growth inhibitor
To use after hair removing. Unique composition based on plant
extracts ensures exceptional result – impeccably refines the skin
and retards hair growth. Allantoin, d-panthenol and vitamin E,
protect the skin from free radicals responsible for skin ageing and
improve its immunity system. Enriched with hair growth inhibitor.
Efficiently restores skin’s elasticity, nourishes and eliminates

Tube 50, 100 ml


Delikatny owocowy zelPost waxing gel
To use after hair removing. Skin friendly, ultramodern, hydrating, fresh grapefruit scented gel. Guarantees deep, intense moisturizing effect, promotes optimal hydration and suppleness. A combination of moisturizing (Aloe Vera) and soothing / aseptic (dpanthenol, allantoin) components facilitates intense nourishment and efficient reduction of after-hair-removal redness. It is not oily and leave the skin dry and moisturized.

Sachette 5,10 ml


pielegnujaca oliwka po depilacjiPost waxing oil
Cleaner for quick and easy clean-up indispensable for the
protection and softness of the skin.
Ideal to remove any residues of wax. Thanks to their composition
are strongly soothing, nourishing and moisturizing. Leaves the skin
soft , fresh and clean..

Sachette with wipe